acjuva acne treatmentOur experts have always maintained that a quality product will eliminate your acne without creating a need for a repairing cream or moisturizer to counteract the severe drying.  Accelerating exfoliation is a difficult balance and many of the ingredients that do so can be quite harmful to the skin as is the case, but Acjuva claims to use all natural or botanical ingredients, thus sparking our interest in trying it out and reviewing it here.

Generally all natural acne treatments would not require a repairing lotion, as the cleansers, if formulated correctly, would already be soothing and nourishing the inflamed and damaged tissue.  But this version of an acne treatment cleanses, then forces exfoliation, then soothes, admittedly a different approach than we would like.

The cleanser was indeed nice, a light, adequately balanced cleanser that left the skin feeling clean and oil free to the touch.  The toner, however, was a slightly different story.  It seemed to irritate the skin forcing exfoliation and cellular turnover.  Both of which are good for acne treatment, provided they are accomplished without irritating the skin.  Unfortunately, Acjuva did just that, leaving you wanting the repairing lotion.  The repairing lotion did its best to reverse the irritation, but when inflamed skin becomes more irritated the risk switches to acne scars, a condition no one wants to have to deal with.


Overall, we endorse the use of all natural ingredients and believe that the best acne treatments come from all natural sources.  Unfortunately for us, this product was still a bit irritating to the skin and only furthered much of the damage that existed.  Minor acne was relieved relatively well with Acjuva, however the more severe cases seemed to be further irritated.  We can only recommend the use of this product if you do not have sensitive skin and if your acne is minor, if your breakouts are more severe you will most definitely want to look for a more serious and far less irritating to the skin acne solution.

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