Careless Shaving Can Leave Acne Scars

Most men will tell you that their skin is often irritated during the process of shaving or at least immediately afterwards.  For this reason many aftershave balms and moisturizers have been created to help minimize the damage that is done during shaving to the skin tissue in your face.  But shaving_with_acnewhat about those men that are dealing with acne breakouts?  What does shaving do to those consumers, does the tissue damage normally occurred during shaving become a magnified issue for those with acne?  The author examines acne breakouts and the damage done to the skin during the shaving process.

Men that have suffered from acne breakouts can attest that it is not a pleasant experience to have to shave over a serve breakout.  The swollen, red and inflamed tissue is already sensitive, but dragging a razor across it only makes things worse.  Pimples that are almost healed become re-injured and must begin the healing process all over again; and those that have only begun to heal are irritated and damaged and can lead to acne scarring.

Your skin treats acne breakouts naturally by flooding the tissue with white blood cells.  This is intended to provide your skin all that it needs to deal with the acne breakout.  The problem is that this makes the breakout inflamed, and inflamed tissue can be easily damaged, resulting in scarring.  Acne scars can be caused by treating this inflamed tissue incorrectly and certainly as a result on popping pimples, but not all consumers consider the amount of damage being done each time you shave.  The harsh striping of the skin’s surface layer leads to severe damage to the tissue that is already inflamed and damage prone.  For this reason, the ways in which men should treat their acne is a bit different than most women.

As men, we must make sure that we are treating our acne both for the existing problems as well as the potential problems.  The best way to do this is by using a product line that offers both acne treatment, but the removal of acne scars as well.  These acne systems are designed to work together both treating acne and soothing and healing the damaged tissue before it becomes an issue.  By using this combination of treatments men can rest easy that the daily shaving of their face will not result in long term or permanent damage.

Ask anyone who sufferers from acne scars if they wish they had an acceptable alternative that would have prevented those scars from developing.  Without exception the answer is yes.  Until you realize that you have replaced your acne with scars that are far more unsightly, you will never realize the importance of following this advice.  Do not learn this lesson the hard way guys, get yourself the best of both worlds.  The leading companies will offer these products together, as they realize the importance of this simultaneous treatment.  Companies that do not offer them in combination or that use chemical based ingredients will most likely only increase the chances of scarring.  Find yourself an all natural, acne system that treats both existing acne as well as the potential damage that could lead to scars.  You will be happy that you did.