Dermagist Acne Treatment System

image of: Dermagist Acne Treatment System

(OUR TOP RATED) Dermagist’s reputation for being on the cutting edge of new treatments for the skin was supported with this acne treatment. A two product combination of a cleanser and an acne cream is fairly common, but the ingredients used in this system are a FIRST. Basing the launch of this product on a seriously exciting discovery made at Oxford University, Dermagist combined all natural ingredients in this acne system, and is making all the benzoyl peroxide creams reconsider their efforts. A safer and better alternative for curing acne, we took a look at how this 2 product acne treatment performed.

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Skin iD Neutrogena

image of: Skin iD Neutrogena

If you are an acne sufferer and you have a TV, you are almost guaranteed to have heard of this product. The Celebrity endorsed acne treatment claims to actually customize and acne treatment based upon a 20 question quiz that you must take online. We have to admit the “customization” aspect of this product makes it appealing and it is certainly understandable why consumers would want to purchase this product, as it implies that perhaps the reason you have had trouble in the past is because you are using generic products and not products specifically for your skin type. The customization and the massive amounts of advertising that they do, makes it a no brainer for making our list of products to review.

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image of: Clearpores

ClearPores Skin Cleansing System is a multi-phase acne treatment distributed by Marabou Limited. Designed to treat the acne through an oral, a cleansing and a medicated cream, its goal is to eliminate acne causing bacteria. This acne treatment struck our attention due to the fact that it takes a multi-layered approach to treating the skin and it focuses on the reduction of acne causing bacteria.

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image of: Clearogen

We had some interest in this product as it takes a scientific approach to acne treatment.
We are always more partial to scientific research and clinical studies if not university studies to support the use of acne related products. It was with that in mind that we decided to review these products as they claim to be free of the marketing hype of many acne solutions. Celebrity endorsements have proven to almost indicate a lower quality of acne solution so we were excited to test a product or system of products that claims only to deliver results and offer no nonsense.

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image of: Benzaclin

BenzaClin Topical Gel is distributed by Dermik Labs which is part of Sanofi-Aventis business group. This topical cream is actually a prescription treatment for acne breakouts primarily focusing on teenage acne. As one of the most commonly prescribed topical creams, BenzaClin combines both Benzoyl Peroxide and anti-biotics to combat acne breakouts, but curiously it is only being used in the United States.

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image of: Acnezine

Acnezine is a fairly popular acne treatment in the world of skin care. It is made up of a bottle of pills and a cream and is marketed by Revitol Corporation, which you may have heard of from other skin care products. Designed to work primarily by reducing the free radicals found in the skin and also treat any inflammation. Our experts saw some short comings in this acne treatment, but due to its popularity we felt it appropriate to review. This system claims to combat acne and all minor skin care problems including black heads, we were hopeful that it delivered.

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image of: Acnexus

Any product that makes bold claims on the front of their website like Acnenexus is ready for a review from us. Guaranteed results in 24 hours is a bold claim, but we do like their use of all natural, benzoyl peroxide free approach to healing acne. They boast 27 all natural active ingredients which seems a bit excessive, but then again so does their entire sales pitch. All natural products have proven to be highly effective in the treatment of acne and they do not need to make outlandish or such over the top claims. We thought we would put this acne treatment to the test to find out just how good it was and how it would compare to our other all natural acne solutions.

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image of: Acnetix

Have you visited this website yet? If you want to read a fairy tale of acne treatment, then take the time to read it over. From the long winded story of library research to the goodwill offering to acne sufferers throughout the world, this marketing approach to just too far over the top. Sure we get that acne sufferers can be very emotional about the desire to treat acne, and those emotions can be capitalized upon by marketers, but there should be some sort of limit to the amount of nonsense we have to listen to .

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image of: AcnEase

AcnEase is an oral anti acne system manufactured by Herborium Inc. This blend of herbs and botanicals is specifically formulated to fight off teenage acne. While the company website claims that none of the ingredients included in this acne treatment are on the harmful herb list provided by governing bodies like the FDA. While the verbiage of that and the very real concern of taking herbals orally exist, the product seems to be fairly popular and some of our teenage readers have asked us to review it for them.

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image of: Acjuva

Acjuva is yet another three product system that combines a cleanser, a renewing toner and a repairing lotion. This combination is nothing new to acne users as it seems that almost every acne treatment nowadays tries to combine three products into some sort of system. It has always troubled us that acne products have need three products. The cleansers we get, and yes we recommend you use the cleansers of the manufacturer of the acne treatment, but why should someone need a repairing lotion? If the products were healing your skin, and helping combat the causes of acne, why would an acne treatment be damaging the skin?

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image of: PanOxyl

PanOxyl, the bar form acne treatment uses the active ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide. These bars are available in two different doses a 5% concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide and a 10% concentration. PanOxyl is a deep cleansing bar intended to clear up and prevent acne while controlling your skin’s sebum or oil production. Their website claims that it provides deep pore cleansing anywhere on your face or body.

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image of: MetroGel

MetroGel is a topical anti bacterial acne treatment that uses the active ingredient of metronidazole. Metronidazole is reduces acne causing bacteria present within the skin. As bacteria is the source of most acne, we obviously have a great interest in this product. Many acne solutions that treat bacteria can be harsh to the skin and we were eager to see if this MetroGel formulation was balanced enough to prevent the harsh reactions commonly associated with Metronidazole. Created by Galderma Laboratories, we were intrigued with how this gel would penetrate and treat acne and acne associated rosacea.

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image of: Eczana

Eczana is distributed by Neulife Laboratories and claims to be an all natural topical solution to acne vulgaris. The thought process behind this treatment is to find an all natural alternative to the harsh chemicals such as benxoyl peroxide and the risks of medicines like accutane. We were excited to try this product as on the surface it seems to be extremely promising and we were excited to find out if it lived up to its claims.

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image of: Differin

Differin is a popular, yet somewhat controversial, acne treatment that has been in the industry for a fair amount of time. It has three versions of essentially the same products just coming in a more concentrated dosage for severe acne and a hypoallergenic cream rather than the other two gel versions. Based with the ingredient Adapalene, this product claims to eliminate acne vulgaris and allows consumers to “fight back” by applying different doses based upon the severity of the breakout.

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image of: OxyCerin

We were excited to review OxyCerin, as it is one of the first products to use a 5% tea tree oil as an alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide. Anytime an acne treatment is going away from the harsh, drying and chemical based ingredients of the past we are eager to look into them. As most of you know, Benzoyl Peroxide is just an archaic way to treat acne. By drying out oil skin, accelerating exfoliation and regulating your skin’s natural oil production, Benzoyl based products strip your skin of the essential nutrients and oils it needs to combat acne by itself. Tea Tree Oil in a 5% concentration is said to eliminate acne causing bacteria and is just as potent as benzoyl without all the side effects. Any treatment that boasts that is worthy of a review here, and so here it is.

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Orovo Acne

image of: Orovo Acne

Another 3 product system, Orovo claims that by treating the acne on the surface of your skin as well is from within your body you able to get better results. Shockingly, this system comes with a cleanser, supplements and the acne gel. With all this creativity within in acne treatment, we were not surprised to watch them incent consumers into an auto shipment program, where you get automatically billed, and automatically shipped to.

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Neostrata Acne Treatment

image of: Neostrata Acne Treatment

NeoStrata is a company that has developed way back in 1988, and was established by a Dr. Van Scott of New York and a Dr. Yu of Taiwan. Noted for their part in the development and some advancements using alpha hydroxyl acid, or AHA as it is often called, and the company was developed after years of research. As our readers know, scientific research is one of the most important components in the creation of quality skin care products and acne treatments.

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image of: Tazorac

Tazorac, manufactured by Allergan Inc, a reputable name within the industry, is a pro-drug. Essentially, what that means is that it is a chemically passive drug that can be absorbed through the skin. Once absorbed fully, the drug converts into a working substance and begins to treat your acne. The product can be purchased in two separate formulations, both with the same amount of ingredient, so that you can choose whichever product you feel will work the best.

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image of: Retin-A

The knock on Retin-A is that, while it does stimulate new cell growth and works to heal acne, it does so by causing the skin to go into shock. This shock is caused by a somewhat harsh reaction to the medication, triggering your skin to think that it needs to grow skin cells to protect itself. For years this was thought to be the only way to get this accomplished, however recent years have led to far more delicate ways to generate the same response.

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image of: Thermaclear

ThermaClear is a portable electronic device for the treatment of pimples and minor acne blemishes. ThermaClear bases its treatment upon an FDA study that revealed that a thermal pulse to the skin can eliminate acne causing bacteria and thus work as an acne treatment. They are not the only product to have attempted to use this form of treatment in a portable consumer unit, however they claim to be the best at it.

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image of: Therapeutix

According to the website, Therapeutix is the brain child of “World Renowned Beverly Hills Acne Specialist,” Dr. Debra Luftman. Even Extra TV did a special on these treatments and a nice little segment on Dr. Luftman as well. All of that is nice as well as the implication that she is the acne treatment of the stars, but as most of us know, that means very little when it comes to effective acne treatment. Acne is treated with quality ingredients and groundbreaking formulas, not with TV shows and zip code endorsements. We were eager to test this out and put it to the test of regular every day consumers, not the super rich and the privileged.

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image of: TriClear

TriClear is yet another 3 step system backed by a doctor claiming to be effective in the battle against acne. Dr. Brian Kelly has formulated this acne treatment to cleanse the pores, to control oil production and to moisturize and exfoliate the skin. There is nothing overly inventive about this product, but it has grown very popular among our readers and we have received requests to review this system. Naturally, we were happy to oblige.

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image of: Vilantae

Vilante is an extremely popular acne treatment considering that it is an orally taken treatment. Designed to eliminate acne breakouts before they begin, it focuses on the sebum, or oil levels of the skin. Made by Evolution X, this product was created to eliminate what the manufacturers call the primary cause of acne, oil levels in the skin.

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image of: Zeno

Have you seen this thing? The acne treatment that requires no cream, no cleanser and no pills. Just a direct heat source that claims to instantly zap away your zits. Zeno is one of those products that admittedly you really want to work, but you just feel like you are going to feel silly for buying it. Like the abdominal workout that only zaps your stomach muscles with a small shock forcing them to flex, if it works, awesome, but if not you are left feeling sick to your stomach for falling for it.

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Murad Acne Complex

image of: Murad Acne Complex

This acne complex system manufactured by Murad is a fairly popular product within the acne industry. The combination of three main products and two free gifts for the price of 29.95 obviously jumps right out at you from a value standpoint, however it also touches on our “red flag” indicators with the free gifts from the manufacturer. Murad has had a name as being a quality skin care company for years and we certainly felt this system was worthy of a review here on our site. This system is a combination of a Clarifying Cleanser, an Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel, and a Skin Perfecting Lotion. They also offer two products for free, an Acne Spot Treatment and a Clarifying Mask. Read more to see the review on each product individually as well as how the system works in combination. Murad claims you will see improvement in 3 days and be acne free in 4 weeks.

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ZenMed Acne Treatment

image of: ZenMed Acne Treatment

Zenmed is a skin care company that specializes in scars, acne, and rosacea. Their all natural approach to treating acne was interesting to us, and they do NOT contain benzoyl peroxide, which is to their credit. While the price was about double many other treatments, we still wanted to check it out. Read the full review of Zenmed acne treatment to see how we rated it as far as killing bacteria, calming and soothing the skin, and price.

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Exposed Acne Treatment

image of: Exposed Acne Treatment

The Exposed Acne Treatment System has a presence online, and we had seen their ads and reviews on quite a few acne cream reviews sites. Not having seen this product anywhere else, we decided to take a look at it. The encouraging part was their ingredients that calm and soothe acne, but the downside was the dangers of Benzoyl. Read the whole review to get the full picture.

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image of: Accutane

Accutane can either be the best acne treatment drug on the planet or the worst decision you have ever made. The information on this product is so astounding that it is almost hard to believe. Accutane, made by Roche, claims to have an extremely high success rate. Over 85% of users claim that they see a significant improvement to their skin after using accutane. 85% is a fantastic rate of success for users, but what is it that has so many experts and consumers advising against using the product then? The answer is the primary reason we thought it important to review Accutane here on our site.

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