acnease acne treatmentThis product claims to deliver results within 7 days from when you start taking it.  Priced at almost $80 for 30 days, the price is almost as hard to swallow as the pill.  We want to remind you that any acne treatment that requires swallowing such as AcneEase, or Accutane can have adverse effects and should be considered and certainly regulated prior to introducing into your system or the system of your children.  While these risks are not new, and quite common with herbal supplements, they do warrant attention.

The concern to our experts as well as our subject testers was the lack of specific information about how the product will treat acne and which ingredients will be doing the treatment.  Acne is a severe enough skin problem without having to add to it with unknown ingredients and treatments.  Additionally, pills and medications effect people differently so it is difficult to believe that this product will work on all ages and skin types as there are far too many variances to be found.

AcnEase is one of those products that promises the world but offers no scientific evidence of it working.  It uses words like organic and all natural to gain attention and popularity, although do not take pride enough in those ingredients to expound on the specific nature of their treatment.  It is classic marketing over-talk that is intended to persuade consumers to purchase AcnEase over other acne treatments.


Generally speaking you are not going to find an herbal, oral acne treatment that delivers results powerful enough to be the only method of treatment.  They can be used as supplements to your regular acne treatment, however you would be better off just taking Resveratrol as scientists at Oxford recommend that use and the evidence can be supported.  Overall we pass on the recommendation of this product as it is not a true acne treatment, and the wording on the side indicates a shady operation, something that is not acceptable when it comes to oral herbal medicines.