acnetix acne treatment reviewBefore we get to the review of the product we wanted to make sure that the voice of some of our readers is heard with this post.  The website essentially makes you feel like they are passing along this product to you at a loss to the company in order to spread goodwill amongst acne sufferers.  Sounds nice, like a lie, but nice.   The next bold claim is the lifetime guarantee, don’t get us wrong it sounds nice to guarantee something for that long, but only if you are able to get in touch with the company or make contact to do so.  In our search we found the location of the phone numbers and contact info on the website somewhat of a daunting task.  It left us with the impression of less than exemplary business practices.

We reviewed this product only to find that our worst fears were confirmed.  The product is simply inferior to others within in the industry.  The product dries out the skin severely, not that it is uncommon within the industry, however there is no soothing cream or replenishing cream to counter act it.

From the point of contact you can feel the skin drying out, and to their credit AcneTix does reduce acne initially.  In fact, if you were to use the product then stop for three months and then use it again you would continue to get that drying result and it would reduce acne.  But with continued use the effects fade like many acne treatments and the acne re-appears.


Do not be swayed by this sales pitch or the lifetime guarantee, this is nothing that you have not experienced before.  The products are adequate and of medium quality and if you understand what you are going to get, then perhaps this is for you, but if you want a real, permanent solution, this is not the choice for you.  Be very cautious of AcneTix.