We were surprised to find out after reading the directions that this product is essentially a facial cleanser. They ask that you apply the product and lightly scrub your face for thirty seconds, rinse and then pat your face dry. Rather alarming considering their claims, however we are more than happy to find out that this will work, so we commenced with the testing.

When you read the finer print on the website you will realize that Acnexus admits that this product will do nothing to prevent acne, only treat the symptoms as they arise.  This is a claim much more in tune for a cleanser type acne product.  The all natural ingredients do seem to be a legitimate formulation of acne fighting ingredients, yet there are some other problems when you look further into this product.

The product seemed to do very little for our skin and in fact we found ourselves revisiting the website to seek further information / advice on whether or not there was something that we missed.  It was then that we realized how hastily put together the website was.  There are grammatical errors and promotion offers that cannot actually be purchased through the site, or at least that we are able to find.


Overall there are very few cleansers that are powerful enough to deliver the results that Acnexus delivers.  Detox Cleansers with Resveratrol perhaps can deliver that level of performance, but even they are recommended to be used with a medical grade clarifying cream.  This is a product to avoid, unless you are looking to throw your money away.  There are acne creams that provide results and there are acne treatments that don’t.  This one doesn’t.