acnezine acne treatment reviewsThis acne treatment system treats the skin by eliminating and preventing free radicals within your skin.   Free radicals are primarily associated with aging symptoms of the skin and not acne related ones, although overall your skin is able to heal itself much better if it is free of free radicals.  We felt confident that the most of the inflammation would be reduced by this treatment, but we did not know what this would do to prevent future acne breakouts.

The moisturizing cream was an enjoyable cream to use and wear.  It did reduce inflammation and left the skin feeling a bit healthier.  It did not however stop any breakouts.  If the condition existed, it reduced the symptoms, but we could not find any evidence that it reduced the amount of breakouts your skin had.

The pills, are pills, tough to comment the quality of the formulations without reverse engineering them, but all of the ingredients are cleared by the FDA according to the website.  Again, the health or luster of our skin did begin to look better, but no reduction in the frequency of breakouts.


Overall the Acnezine acne treatment by Revitol did not seem like a true acne treatment.  It did improve skin health and reduce inflammation, but it didn’t seem to stop acne at the source of the problem.  Acne causing bacteria remained in the skin and continues to cause breakouts during the use of this.  The redness and swelling however are reduced relatively quickly.  For what it does, it is a decent product, but we are just not sure that these products were originally designed for or are not a complete enough treatment to be considered by you as an acne solution.  The price is about right for this product, everything considered, but there are far better acne solutions out there to choose form.