benzaclin acne reviewsDesigned to eliminate teenage acne in roughly 14 days and is an aggressive approach to eliminating acne breakouts.  If the balance of any such product is off by just a bit, you will have an over drying experience that can have long term damaging affects to the skin.  Benzoyl introduces Hydrogen and Oxygen to the  bacteria, a combination that is deadly to the acne causing pest.

The product itself is rather easy to use and there is no doubt that this approach will kill acne causing bacteria.  The problem becomes the condition of the skin at the time that treatment begins.  So often acne prone skin or severe acne cases have inflamed and irritated skin to begin with.  When a serious attack comes to the bacteria present in your skin, it does not cause a soothing reaction, it causes more trauma.  Trauma to inflamed skin can result in serious long term damage, from acne scars to toughened tissue that visibly changes the surface layers of your skin.

By BenzaClin’s own admission, their product works better on teenagers and it works better on mild to moderate acne and really is not intended for serious acne.  The rapid drying of the skin appear effective early on, however with time breakouts come back and they come back twice as severe.  In addition, it is important to note the potential health concerns regarding the use of Benzoyl Peroxide, it is well documented if you are unaware and a simple search on the internet can be quite revealing.


We feel that the risks of this product outweigh the benefits.  Sure it will eliminate the acne causing bacteria, but with what regard to surface layer tissue.  Scars and over dried skin are common with the use of BenzaClin, but it will most likely achieve the desired result of no more bacteria.  It is that reason why it is prescribed often as many people want a prescription only product.  The truth, however, is that there are far better acne treatments out there that require only your purchase.  They are better at soothing both damaged tissue as well as treating acne causing bacteria.  Antibiotics are present in many topical ingredients and there is no reason to incur the high cost.  Keep searching unless you know exactly what it is that you are getting with BenzaClin.