clearogen acne reviewsClearogen intends to treat your acne by controlling your hormones, specifically the ones that stimulate the oil glands such as DHT.  By checking the release of hormones, the logic is that you can control the oil or sebum production resulting in less breakouts.  Because this product is created by Dr. Alex Khadavi we were hopeful that it would deliver these results in a non-prescription topical application.

We were happy to see that this product was guaranteed as so few of them are these days.   But we had some concern based upon this company’s website.  The company almost seems intent on trying to take Proactive customers or they are fixated on knocking down Proactive, perhaps as they are a major company in the industry.  Every acne sufferer deserves to know the draw backs of using a Benzoyl Peroxide based acne treatment, but Proactive is not the only one doing it, so perhaps this company just doesn’t know any better.


Overall we were somewhat impressed with the product.  It does take a different approach to treating acne than many other products and despite attempting to control oil production, it did not over dry the skin.   The pricing of this product is moderate and is competitive with the more quality products in the industry.  The results we achieved were decent, and there was some reduction in acne breakouts.  To be honest it took a bit longer than we expected but it did deliver some results.   Perhaps that’s why the guarantee is for 60 days rather than some of the quicker working products that offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.  This is a tough one to call.  It is not the best acne treatment that we have seen, but it is definitely in the top tier of products out there.  It kind of is what it is, its not going to make your breakout go away, but it may prevent ones from coming.  If it was only complete enough to treat all symptoms at once this would be a winner, but as of now  we cannot recommend it over the other products that deliver a total acne treatment.