ClearPores’ three products are designed to knock out acne causing bacteria by treating your skin from different directions.  The cleanser is the first phase of the treatment.  This cleanser is supposed to reduce inflammation and unclog pores it also is supposed to remove surface bacteria.  The cleanser was a nice product, a bit drying, but overall very nice.  The inflammation was reduced in a reasonable amount of time and while we couldn’t document how much bacteria was reduced our skin did feel clean and healthy.

The second phase of this system is the Herbal formula that supposedly helps your skin combat acne breakouts better.  It is always difficult to review a pill, as it either deliver results or it doesn’t.  This pill doesn’t.  We did not find any evidence that either our body was fighting off acne any better, nor that there was a reduction in acne breakouts.  Herbal pills are not regulated with any sort of comforting guidelines and you never know what you are taking and this description was a bit too vague for our liking.  No side effects were noted, however no results were contributed to this product either.

Lastly, the Skin Protection cream is designed to nourish and replenish your skin and increase overall health.  The problem with protection creams and healing creams is that they are generally needed to counteract the damages caused by the other part of the acne treatment.  This is the case with harsh chemical based acne treatments and to a lesser degree this product too.  Leaving your skin dry after the first two phases, this last phase is intended to revitalize your skin.  This is a nice cream that nourishes the skin rather well.  A great cream for many uses, however it’s too bad it has to overcome the first two phases or it could probably help your skin’s defense functionality.


Overall the products are priced a bit on the inexpensive side in comparison to other quality products, although the results are often lacking as well.  The design of these products, the treatment of acne as an anti bacterial at the same time you nourish the skin, was correct, unfortunately the results just don’t live up to the hype.  We are always concerned about orally treated acne solutions and our suspicions are right with this one.  Certainly not the worse acne solution out there, but for the money there are far better results out there.