eczana acne treatment reviewsEczana, at initial glance, seems to have taken all aspects of acne treatment into account. It relieves inflammation, reduces itchiness common with body acne, and heals the skin to prevent further breakouts from happening. Doing this with all natural ingredients that are healthy for your skin to use is exactly what each acne sufferer wants. The question, like with all treatments, is whether or not it can actually deliver.

Our experts expressed their concerns as to whether or not the ingredients that are included would actually perform to a high enough level to treat severe cases of acne, or whether this particular formula is only suitable for milder cases. Ingredients like chamomile and tea tree oil are fantastic for soothing in a facial cleanser or a body lotion, but would they be able to handle the riggers of acne treatment.

As with many other acne treatments that have tried to deliver this type of treatment, Eczana came up just a bit short with this formula. The tea tree has been tried by many acne treatments to heal acne, and in minor cases it has shown some potential, but it is just not potent enough to stand alone as the treatment for acne. The chamomile, however did do a nice job soothing the skin and reducing inflammation. But soothing irritation has never been the hard part about treating acne, it has always been about preventing more. Eczana showed no evidence that it was capable of that feat.


Overall Ezcana has the best intentions and the products are decently balanced. The problem is that they are using elementary ingredients to solve and world class skin condition. Its going to take more. While all natural ingredients such as Resveratrol have proven to work, the tea tree oil based products have just not delivered and as a result, most acne treatments have stopped using it. These products are good for your skin, but overall not worth the money. It should be noted that Eczana comes with some supplements as well to compliment the topical cream, but they too seem ineffective. Overall a pass on this one, based solely on the productivity of the creams.