Gels are one of those formulations that either works well or it is a really bad product.  Often times gels can be sticky and tacky to the touch and some don’t even absorb well into the skin.  However, other times gels can be some of the most advanced and rapid delivery systems of active ingredients to your skin.  MetroGel is a popular acne treatment and the fact that it is a gel made it an obvious choice for us to review.

MetroGel lists the following as side effects on their website and acknowledges that for some people this acne treatment can cause severe reactions and irritation to the skin.  Stinging or burning of the eyes, burning sensation to the skin, tingling or numbness of the hands and feet nausea.  It seems like a relatively large risk to take for acne treatment, but then some people will try anything to get rid of acne.

Other severe allergic rations were reported by a few people included itchy rashes, hives, scaling, stinging sensation, shortness of breath, respitory congestion and puffiness of the mouth, face, lips or tongue.  If you experience any of these symptoms please seek medical attention immediately.



With side effects as significant as this it is very difficult to make a recommendation for this product.  The gel is otherwise quality and is neither sticky or tacky to wear.  It is a bit on the pricey side and continual use can be costly.  If your skin does not react well to harsh or concentrated products you do not want to use this product.  However for those of you who have little issues with skin reaction, this product will dry out oily skin and reduce acne causing bacteria.  It is a decent anti inflammatory as well and will pull severe redness out of breakouts and rosacea, but overall it is a big risk to take.  As you know skin irritation can cause many problems for those of us with acne, are you prepare to risked more breakouts and further skin damage?  We don’t think so either.