Neostrata Acne Treatment

neostrata acne treatment reviewsOur experts expressed some initial concern about this acne treatment as much of the research and basis for the products have become a bit dated over the years.  Sure the Glycolic Acid contained in the toner, has proven to deliver fantastic results and is commonly used in our top rated acne cleansers.  But much of the other aspects of this acne treatment have been considered slightly outdated, which is to be expected over the past twenty some odd years.

One of our primary concerns was the clients with sensitive skin or those who must be out in the sun either professionally or socially.  These products can be somewhat harsh to the skin and reactions vary with little indication as to why.

What we found, was the NeoStrata is a fantastic moisturizer that works to soften skin.  Removing dead skin cells on the lower levels of your skin can contribute to mild acne healing as well as make your overall skin health much better.  Its reputation as an acne treatment has faded over the years and it is understandable as to why.  There are far better acne treatments out there.  That does not mean that AHA’s do not have a place in your occasional skin care routine, they can be extremely helpful.



Alpha Hydroxy Acid has had its time in the sun, so to speak.  It was at one time considered one of the most premier acne treatments, but then again acne treatment research was really only beginning.  The last decade has revealed much about acne treatments from the dangers of long term use of many active ingredients to the realities that some treatments are really not that good at removing acne but are actually just improving skin health.  While a bi product will be acne healing, it is not the primary function.  And that being said, there are simply more effective treatments to use that will take advantage of the latest advancements.