Oily Skin Remedies

Acne can cause a series of conditions within the skin, some of which are more bothersome than others.  Of all of them oily skin is among the most annoying, and one of the most difficult to remedy.  The feeling of oily skin stays with you all day and most cleansers seem to fail when faced with the challenge.  There are a few key ingredients to look for in a facial cleanser that can help this issue, however there are not as many brands to choose from as you may like.  The author examines oily skin and offers tips to consumers who are hoping to remedy their annoyingly stubborn oily skin.

To begin with you should be looking for a facial cleanser that contains the active ingredient glycolic acid.  Now, many of us have tried cleansers that have contained glycolic acid, and in many cases those products did not deliver what we had hoped for.   As I said, this is only a starting point for your solution, so bear with me and follow along, you may be pleasantly surprised if you do.

Oily skin is a bi product of a few processes that are taking place within your skin.  Those processes are magnified by the symptoms of acne.  Swollen, inflamed skin can trigger a oil product response as can an unhealthy balance of essential oils present within your skin, or the production of a particular enzyme.  In order to remedy oil skin, you must look to maintain the health of your skin at the same time that you hope to cleanse away the excess oils.  Find a facial cleanser that not only contains glycolic acid but the following ingredients and you are on the path to your oily skin solution.

Chamomile extract is a proven anti inflammatory ingredient and it is known to calm and soothe the skin.  By relieving irritation you can reduce the amount of oil being produced by your skin, not to mention chamomile blocks free radicals and toxins from penetrating the skin.  Aloe Vera is another ingredient we are used to hearing in skin care but not as a treatment of oily skin.  Aloe Vera can be used to kill bacteria and fungus on contact making it a nice addition to a facial cleanser if oily skin is your objective.  Tangerine Oil is another ingredient that will go a long way in the reduction of oils present within the skin.  Tangerine Oil is a natural antiseptic so it is perfect for this, but it also sponsors new skin cell growth which is an essential aspect to treating this problem long term.

A final ingredient that has been proven to be highly effective is Resveratrol.  Its use in acne is now fairly well documented and a few facial cleansers include it in their acne prone facial cleansers.  But when it comes to removing oily skin its combination with the ingredients mentioned above has proven to be not only highly effective but a one of a kind cleanser.