Orovo Acne

Dubbed the most impressive oral and topical acne treatment available on the market, we find it curious that there have been many claims of false advertising.  In our testing the acne healing results were adequate and did out achieve many of the other products reviewed here on the website.  While the 7 day claim to rid your body of acne was false, that alone is not a cause for concern for us.

While the all natural “super foods” approach has proven to increase skin health and allow it to combat against acne better, there is very little evidence that it will wipe out existing acne, instead focusing on prevention of acne, leaving consumers to deal with the existing breakouts all on their own.

The side effects or knock on this product is the fact that you are swallowing a supplement.  Because herbal supplements are not regulated they can be manufactured anywhere in the world and under any guidelines they want.  This creates a high level of concern of side effect and side effects have been reported regularly with the use of this product.  From nausea to excessive gas and in many cases diarrhea were reported during our testing.  Other common complaints were extreme thirst and urination.


Overall the combination of topical cream, seldom even commented on by our users, and oral supplement was average.  It did deliver some results and while there are a high incident of side effects they are all fairly well documented, meaning they are no surprise to consumers.  We do not like supplemental acne treatments due to the lack of regulation, and the high risk of side effects, but overall this product did the job.  It is worth noting that we did not have much success with acne rated more severe than mild, as moderate and severe acne didn’t seem to be penetrated or slowed.  Overall, decent, but short of a recommendation.