Oxford Study Points To New Acne Cure

We have all heard about the miraculous benefits of Resveratrol, the molecules in red wine that have been seen on TV on major shows like Oprah, Dr. Oz, Barbara Walters, and the like. This compound has such miraculous properties when it comes to anti-aging that Oxford University decided to study it further. As it turns out, they uncovered a dramatic cure of acne vulgaris (Acne), without all the scary side effects that Benzoyl Peroxide has.

Rather than just take our word for it, if you want to read the actual study on Oxford’s research site, you can see it here: Get the Resveratrol Acne Cure Study

Prestigeous University Oxford reveals a study that shows Resveratrol as better acne cure than Benzoyl Peroxide.
Prestigeous University Oxford reveals a study that shows Resveratrol as better acne cure than Benzoyl Peroxide.

The main discovery of the study is that Resveratrol was effective at killing ALL the various types of skin bacteria that cause acne.  Additionally, at proper doses, it performs better on curing the acne than the most popular (and most dangerous) alternative, Benzoyl Peroxide.  Read more about the cancer links and dangerous side effects of Benzoyl Peroxide.

The bottom line is that by using a specialized acne treatment that contains Resveratrol, properly refined, you get a great cure for your acne, PLUS you get the side-benefit of giving your skin all the anti-aging benefits that Resveratrol is already famous for.  Perhaps the best part, however, is that you can finally say goodbye to using products with Benzoyl Peroxide.

Take Note However: Please don’t take this article as the “Green light” to go running out and buying any skin cream with resveratrol in it, or to take resveratrol pills in hopes of curing your acne.  Creams or pills that are not SPECIFICALLY designed for acne treatment may, and probably do, have other ingredients in them which can cause a reaction in your acne or pores, and possibly make your acne worse.   You want to be SURE to treat your acne with a properly engineered ance product.

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