We have heard of other all natural substitutes for benzoyl peroxide, most notably our top rated acne treatment by Dermajuv with Resveratrol. Resveratrol eliminates acne even more rapidly than benzoyl and is actually healthy for the skin. We were hoping to find similar results with the tea tree based product.

As far as ingredients in this product we were happy to see the nature of them. Ingredients like licorice root for inflammation and aloe vera are commonly used to soothe skin irritations and remedy ailments. Combining them with an active ingredient that eliminates acne makes it a nice combination. Both our experts as well as our testers were thrilled to try this one out.

Unfortunately that is where the positives end about this product. For whatever reason, the formula was inadequate, the tea tree oil doesn’t work as well as mentioned, but something went wrong with this product. They definitely had the right idea in mind, but it just doesn’t work. The product is sold at 29.99 but we are not even sure it is worth that much. Don’t be confused, its not going to make your acne worse, but what’s the point of an acne treatment if it doesn’t actually remove acne?


All of our high hopes and expectations for this product was perhaps a bit too optimistic. It’s just that the last time we saw a major educational institution recommend an alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide it was Resveratrol and we all know how effective that has proven to be. Admittedly disappointed by this one, unfortunately this is not an effective alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide. The product just lacks the quality and balance a formula must have to make the ingredient effective once delivered to the skin. OxyCerin is just another “near miss” in the acne market, and not the solution you have been waiting for.