panoxyl acne treatment reviewsOur experts initial impression of this product was that both bar treatments as well as Benzoyl Peroxide can be extremely drying to the skin, and while the all over nature of this product is a nice option, our concern was the moisture level remaining in your skin following washing with this product. The price is right on this product, as each bar sells for less than $9.00. We thought we would see how the product itself performs.

According to the PanOxyl website, acne is gone after only a few days and as long as regular use of the product is maintained acne will remain gone. That would be a great thing, however it has not been the case with other Benzoyl Peroxide based products. Hopefully the PanOxyl formulation would prove otherwise.

This acne cleansing bar is actually not nearly as soap-like as we expected and in fact many people enjoyed its use as a body acne treatment. The response was not the same for face treatment as it was a bit too harsh for our liking. But for those of you who suffer from body acne and you are looking for a product to treat it, perhaps this isn’t a bad way to go.

The treatment of the face however was more along the lines of what we expected of a benzoyl based product. Rapid drying of the skin and while acne does disappear after a few days, a week or so later it returns and in many cases it came back more severe.


The health risks of Benzoyl Peroxide are well documented and while no one wants to further damage their skin, acne can be quite bothersome for many people and the urge to remove it is paramount. If you have body acne, you may enjoy using this product, although we DO NOT recommend you use it on your face. The presence of free radicals is high in this product and you will want to avoid applying to the face. Overall, there are better acne products out there for the face and body, however if you are looking for an extremely inexpensive body acne treatment and the benzoyl is not a concern, this may be the treatment for you.