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Neutrogena Skin iD is available to buy on their company website.  They offer a trial purchase price that is around $40.  We urge you to read the whole review and info before buying Skin iD

Main active ingredients in Skin iD

Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid

What we say about Skin iD

Neutrogena is clearly an established name within the skin care industry and one would expect a quality product, especially with the kind of marketing dollars they are spending.  It is difficult to find much information about how these product will treat your acne or what science it is based upon.  Most of the information revolves around the fact that you get to answer questions and you will get your skin ID which indicates which products you need.    Once you examine it a bit closer you realize that it is really just another combination of Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, two active ingredients that are widely considered harsh and damaging to your skin.

As active ingredients these are some of the harshest that there is.  Often times users will develop skin reactions to them and they have been linked to some long term use damage that can be as severe as skin cancer.  This is a difficult tradeoff to make when treating acne, but their use is certainly not new and many consumers consider it a reasonable risk if it works.

In our testing, unfortunately, the results we saw were minimum.  Some had better experiences with the product than others and those who did claimed that their skin was cleared and that after the blemishes eventually disappeared their skin did remain a bit clearer.  Our findings suggested that the majority of users would find a rapid drying of their skin in the first few days.  A few days afterwards they found that the acne began to reappear and in some cases came back more harsh.  Others felt that the products drying was damaging the skin and causing acne scars.

Overal take on Neutrogena Skin iD

This is a well publicized product and it will continue to be used and for some it may be the answer that they have been looking for.  For the rest of us, this is another three product system that promises the world and very few of us get the results we heard about from the celebrities.  This is moderately priced, and it is an interesting gimmick, but in the end you will find that there are far more effective products out there to purchase, so don’t go tattooing your Skin ID on your body just yet.  Chances are you will be using another acne treatment before long.