Soothe Irritation, Eliminate Acne

There are many different approaches to the treatment of acne.  Some focus on slowing the production of sebum, others attempt to dry out the skin.  Some acne creams have been proven to be effective by attacking the bacteria present in the skin that actually causes the acne breakouts in the first place.  But recently acne treatments have begun to use more effective treatments, focusing on the removal of inflammation within the skin, and the results have been astounding.  We wanted to take a closer look at some of these treatments and offer some insight as to why this treatment may or may not be the right choice for you.

While many of these approaches to acne treatment are used and in many cases effectively, there is one thing in common with all of them.  They are reacting to the conditions present within the skin.  For example, working to eliminate excess oils already present within the skin will most likely help treat an existing breakout, however it doesn’t actually address eliminating the production of the sebum itself.  And while working to eliminate acne causing bacteria has proven highly effective, it is also reactionary in nature, and many ingredients that accomplish this goal do so with many side effects.  (some all natural ingredients have proven to do eliminate acne causing bacteria without the harsh drying and damage)

While the scrubbing and cleansing away of acne is an age old ritual, the latest beliefs within the scientific community is that working to soothe the skin and eliminate inflammation actually helps the overall skin health, and ultimately the elimination of acne.  It is almost counter intuitive at first, to not be so focused on the scrubbing or cleansing, an instead allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and go to work.  As you know, acne can cause a red swelling of the skin, and it is what makes acne so visible to others.  That inflammation is caused by irritated tissue.  Causing further irritation to the area, will only result in prolonged and more severe breakouts.  What the skin needs is to be able to restore itself to a healthy condition, so that it may heal the acne at their source, the imbalance within the skin.

By soothing inflamed skin with detoxifying cleansers and active ingredients designed as anti inflammatory, you are allowing your skin to heal rather than cause further irritation.  Further irritation can be from scrubbing or using ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, that may provide an initial improvement to the skin, but causes further irritation to the skin, which ultimately leads to breakouts.

The key is to think about acne prone skin much like an accident waiting to happen.  If you allow your skin to be irritated or inflamed then acne will breakout with abundance.  But if you are using a daily regimen that allows for the cleansing, treating AND soothing of the skin, you will find the balance that you have been looking for.   As much as we try to force our skin into balance with every product known to man, the reality is that we need to simply restore the health of our skin.  Doing so will bring about the balance and clear skin that so many of us are desperate to achieve.