Hormonal Acne

If you are like many women out there that suffer from periodic acne, you may have experience with hormonal acne.  Usually prominent during, or surrounding monthly menstruation, hormonal acne can be extremely bothersome and frustrating.  This particular type of acne can be the only time that many consumers must struggle with acne, or it can be increased flare ups of already existing acne.  Regardless of what the reason is, consumers are eager to solve the problem and rid themselves of acne.  The solution may be far more simple that you could have imagined.

For many females, hormonal acne can appear as small bumps, almost appearing to be under the skin, that come out during periods of hormonal change.  Usually associated with their periods, this only adds to the overall “pleasure” of this time of month.   The concern with this type of acne is that exposing your skin to a rigorous or damaging acne product can actually make the issue worse rather than better, and that is not the result we are looking for.  Treatment is not difficult, but it does need to be followed to the letter to achieve the results that you desire. 

To begin with, finding the right cleanser is paramount.  Now you may think you have the best cleanser and you may think that you have tried cleansers that sound similar.  If you want to resolve this problem, you need to be sure to get facial cleansers that contain, not only these active ingredients, but also ensure that you are using products of documented quality.  To begin with glycolic acid is a must, this is going to be a large part of the treatment, but it is not the only thing needed.  You must combine that glycolic along with a powerful and proven anti inflammatory, anti bacterial ingredient.  Most scientific evidence points to Resveratrol, an ingredient found in the skin of grapes, as the premier ingredient to accomplish, although there are others out there to choose from. 

The combination of glycolic acid and resveratrol takes a different approach to the treatment of acne.  It repairs the skin’s natural healing process, allowing it to better deal with the hormonal changes that occur during menstruation.  While there may not be many products to choose from with this particular combination of ingredients, most that do combine it, have a well documented track record. 

For those of you that are currently treating your skin with a different acne treatment, that’s fine, complete that treatment, as it is important to give products time to work.  However if you are not happy once the treatment is done, move on to try this approach, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results that you achieve.

Experts Recommend Glycolic Cleansers

As is the case with most skin care products these days, facial cleansers are growing more and more specific with each passing day.  What was once just a product to wipe away dirt and oil, perhaps some make-up, has changed into anti aging and anti acne cleansers.  With so many options to cleansers with glycolic acidchoose from, many consumers are often lost in the chaos, and wind up wasting hard earned money on products that simply do not serve their needs.  For this reason industry experts are doing their best to increase consumer awareness so that they can better choose the right product for their particular situation.  In keeping with this trend, we thought we would share a bit more information with consumers who are looking for cleansers that work with all acne types, from the mildest breakouts to the most severe cases.

Acne is frustrating enough without having to waste money on cleansers that do not help, or worse make the breakouts increase.  In most cases, this is about the quality of the cleanser itself, the active ingredients included in the cleanser, and often times consumers choosing the wrong product for their skin type or condition.  For this reason, many consumers grow impatient and ultimately frustrated, feeling as though they will never find an answer for their acne.  The key to finding the right product is to know what to look for, and which ingredients you want to see used.

Glycolic Acid, as an active ingredient, is such a smart starting point for an acne cleanser because of the fact that it works on all acne types and is suitable for all skin types as well.  Now not all glycolic cleansers are created equal.  If you have tried a glycolic cleanser in the past and feel that it did not do the trick, this may be because it was a lower quality cleanser or perhaps the formula of that particular brand was inferior.  There is no doubt that you want your cleanser to use glycolic acid if you are suffering  from acne, the question is which brand to look for.

Glycolic acid is derived from all natural sources and therefore it is most suitable within a well balanced all natural formula as well.  While many skin care companies will offer all natural claims, only a few have respected reputations within the industry.  Look for cleansers that combine active ingredients like Resveratrol to add the bonus of eliminating acne causing bacteria at the same time that it washes away excess dirt and oils.

The best acne cleansers are usually made by brands that offer some of the best acne treatments available on the market.  Read some of the consumer review sites out there and other consumer advocacy sites like this one and find brands that consistently rank among the best.  From there you can quickly scan the ingredient list and see if this particular product suits your needs.  Glycolic acid and resveratrol are two of the best ingredients to combine, and are often called detoxifying cleansers , and will shorten the list up rather quickly from there, making your decision that much easier.

While our opinion is just that, we derived our views based upon non-emotional criteria.  Look at the science and the studies behind these types of products and you too will see some of the world’s most prestigious universities and most respected scientists standing behind the use of these two ingredients above all else in an acne cleanser.  If it’s good enough for them, I feel confident in passing the referral along to you.   Read about the most proven glycolic cleansers and best acne treatment available on the market today.