The Acne Removal Diet

We have all heard claims that there are diets that acne suffers can adopt in an attempt to heal their acne.  Many of these diets have proven to be more hype than anything else, however it is hard to deny that there is a connection between the foods that we consume and the condition of our skin.  In order to make a little better sense of this we thought we would outline some basic guidelines to help those of us who suffer from acne to follow, at least when it comes to our diets.

As we mentioned there is clearly a relationship between the foods that we eat and how it affects our skin, but there is no one diet that is sure to eliminate acne in all people, and all skin types.  It’s just not going to work like that.  There are, however, many basic guidelines for you to consider when you are choosing your diet.  We strongly recommend that you pay attention to the foods that you eat if you wish to improve your situation, and this is a great starting point for those of you that do not know which steps to take.

Eat foods that are high in protein.  By having a high protein diet, you will reduce the amount of a particular enzyme that produces oil and clogged pores.  By focusing on ensure that you are maintaining protein levels you can often times regain control of oily skin.  Keep in mind that you also want to monitor your carbohydrate in take as well making sure to keep it below the 40-45% zone.

You may have heard that chocolate or candies cause acne, but there is very little evidence to go along with that.  In reality the foods that you want to avoid are those that are high in saturated fat.  Sure chocolate is high in saturated fat, but it will not cause acne any more than the saturated fats found in meats, dairy and poultry.  We obviously need to find a balance between our protein intake and our saturated fat intake, doing so can be the answer you are looking for.

Design a diet for yourself, keeping in mind the balance of protein, carbs and saturated fat that you are shooting for.  This process will most likely be a bit of trial and error, however by following the guides you will be able to find a diet that makes your acne better, if not control it all together.    Keep in mind that certain vitamins such as vitamin A and Zinc have helped with acne and should be supplemented along with your newly designed diet.  Green tea is another product that has proven to help, with regular consumption.  The key is to stay patient and consistent with your diet, avoid foods high in salt content and remember that this is only part of the process of eliminating acne, you will need a top of the line acne treatment to combat the bacteria on the surface layers of your skin.