therapeutix acne treatment reviewsIt did not take long to see right through this product and expose it as yet another “free trial” scam and an auto-ship program. By offering up the credentials and location of the doctor and implying that it is the Beverly Hills acne solution, consumers get roped into multiple charges and a product that never had any intention of working.

In order for an acne treatment to work, you need a few things to happen.  Number one you need to make sure that the product contains active ingredients that have been proven to eliminate acne.  Number two, you must have them in the correct concentrations for them to be effective enough to produce results. (0.5% is seldom enough, as used in these products).  Lastly the products must be a quality formulation that allows them to deliver the active ingredients to your skin in a rapid and effective manner.  It is in these three phases that the truth is told about an acne treatment, and in this case, the truth is that the vast majority of users will never see results.


Therapeutix is a system of products, shockingly 3 products, that consist of a cleanser, a treatment, and a cream to heal the skin.  These products would not need the third healing lotion if the first two products were doing their jobs.  Each product here is of poor quality and consumers should really just be aware of what it is that they are getting into with this product.  In summary, there is a free trial, auto bill scam going on.  Meaning you will be charged over and over for a product you only wanted to try.  Secondly, the products do not contain enough concentration of the active ingredients for them to be effective, and finally the products themselves are cheaply made and even less ingredients are delivered to the skin.  For this reason we cannot advise you to use this product and in fact we recommend that you exercise extreme caution if you are considering doing so.