does thermaclear workZeno is another brand that has attempted this treatment, we reviewed here on our site, but it was not compatible with most acne prone skin types and in fact worked in only on very minor blemishes and it took over 2.5 minutes per pimple to treat.  ThermaClear claims to have solved both of those issues.

ThermaClear is much larger than Zeno and its bursts of heat are more intense, in fact, each pimple is treated in only 2 seconds vs. the 2.5 minutes of previous types of treatments but some users have reported some serious issues with using this product.  The adjustable setting can be damaging to first time users and in some cases the pimples will burst right open. Most consumers with sensitive skin find this far too painful to consider as an realistic regular treatment.

What we found is that if you can tolerate the pain and the burning, it does seem to break down acne relatively quickly, but it does not prevent acne from reoccuring.  For the price it is a reasonable enough product but very few can deal with the treatment.  In our opinion, eventually they will find a way to make this process far less painful, but until then it is a bit archaic to use this.



Overall, the technology of this type of treatment and the long term effects of the damage to the skin is just not known.  This may be a product that you find you can tolerate and you may not have an issue treating acne after it breaks out on your face.  For the rest of us, this is painful and as long as we use a quality acne treatment that actually prevents future breakouts we can eliminate unsightly acne all together.

Another point worth noting is that ThermaClear shows its results compared to acne prone skin that is untreated vs. comparing it to acne that is currently being treated.  It is a shifty way to make the % of results appear to be better than they actually will be, that is unless you don’t use any acne treatment at all.   Overall, this is still a pass even if you are confident you are tough enough to handle the pain.