does vilantae for acne workDue to the fact that orally taken acne solutions like this one it are hard to review the product in terms of the formulation without the use of reverse engineering.  As with all pills, there is significant concern about what the actual makeup of the product is being taken.  Because so many herbal formulas are not regulated there have been issues in the past with certain ingredients causing problem for users.  We did not find any examples of this in our testing of this products and by all accounts the formulas seem to be of high quality.

Vilantae attempts to regulate how much oil is produced by your skin.  The thought process is that even if acne causing bacteria is present within the skin, it takes excessive oil to trigger a response.  Therefore, by regulating the oil production you regulate the acne breakouts.  The problem, however, is that we continuously saw breakouts and this pill does nothing to heal or treat the existing acne.  If the product worked it would be a great alternative to the pricey creams and cleansing routines acne sufferers have used for years.  The problem is that we did not find the level of results acceptable enough for a recommendation of this product.


Overall this product is moderately priced and could be used as a supplement to a higher quality acne treatment solution, but do NOT expect this product to work all on its own.  Consumers suffering from existing acne problems and breakouts must understand that this pill or powder will do nothing for you.  If you do wish to use this product be sure to understand what it is that it will and will not do.  The price would not be so bad if it delivered actual results all on its own.  It seems to be just another herbal solution to increase your skin’s natural defense that does little to nothing.