Why 99% of Acne Treatments Fail

The frustrating TRUTH is that the vast majority of acne treatments on the market just DON’T WORK.

If you’ve tried most of the acne treatments on the market, you already know this, and are probably ready to give up.  Don’t.  This article will explain exactly why most acne treatments don’t work, and in doing so will reveal a special breed of product aimed at eliminating acne that might finally end your suffering.

The Biggest Problem with Acne Treatments on the market is in their perception of what must be done to the skin in order to keep it clear.  The vast majority of acne treatments out there seem to be thinking, “Hey, lets kick the crap out of any bacteria (good or bad) in the skin and blast it with harsh chemicals… this will surely make the skin clear, fresh, and calm.”   When you read it like that, it sounds ridiculous, but that is EXACTLY WHAT BENZOYL PEROXIDE TREATMENTS DO.   The skin of an acne sufferer is usually sensitive.  Usually acne sufferers have red irritated looking skin as a result of their acne… how could this be improved by putting harsh chemicals on it?  The answer:  It can’t.  In fact in many cases, acne treatments with Benzoyl Peroxide may actually be killing off the acne causing bacteria, but the harshness and other side effects (discussed below) make the skin look worse than it did… thus making the consumer BELIEVE that their acne is getting worse.

So exactly what is so BAD about Benzoyl Peroxide?

There are 3 terrifying reasons why not to use Benzoyl Peroxide:

The first and foremost is that it produces “Free Radicals” in the skin.   This is the same thing that happens when you have unprotected time in the sun.  The same way that free radicals from sun damage have links to cancer, SO DOES USING BENZOYL PEROXIDE.  Each time you apply a product with Benzoyl Peroxide to your skin, you are doing the same damage as you would be if you laid in the sun until your skin burned.  Nice, huh?

The second reason is that the FDA warns us not to.  Yes, it’s hard to believe even though the FDA has removed benzoyl peroxide from the “safe” list, it is still being pushed on unknowing consumers.  In the 1990’s the FDA slashed benzoyl peroxides rating from “category 1” to “category 3” which means “safety unknown”.   Well why haven’t acne products switched away from using the dangerous Benzoyl?  It costs more, that’s why.

The third reason is that benzoyl peroxide SLOWS DOWN THE SKIN’S ABILITY TO HEAL.  This is related to the free radicals.  Now, doesn’t it make sense that skin should heal as fast as possible when recovering from the damage and red irritation from an acne breakout?  Of course it does… yet people continue to apply acne treatments with Benzoyl Peroxide and continue to be disappointed.
Check out this article for more info about the dangers of Benzoyl Peroxide.

Well what the heck are my choices?

Good question… and it’s hard to find an alternative, since almost every acne treatment you read about or hear about on TV contains Benzoyl.  Don’t believe for a minute that the celebrities who endorse these big name products actually use it… It’s a paid endorsement.

I couldn’t find an alternative either, until I read about the study that Oxford University did (yes, THAT Oxford).  They discovered that Resveratrol, the all natural ingredient that was praised on Oprah and Barbara Walters for weight loss and overall health, actually KILLS ACNE BACTERIA BETTER THAN BENZOYL.  And with NONE of the side effects.

Here is a link to an article that talks about the Oxford Study on a New Acne Cure.

The BIG KEY to SUCCESS is to find a product line that doesn’t contain benzoyl peroxide, but that DOES contain an all natural ingredient like Resveratrol that is Powerful and Potent enough to kill the bacteria just as well (or even better).   Plus, that this ingredient is all natural and doesn’t have side effects.

the best solution we found
the best solution we found

We found one such product, which is the Dermajuv Acne Treatment System.  Their product line not only contains resveratrol, but also contains about a dozen other powerhouse ingredients that are proven at curing acne, and calming the skin, returning it to its beautiful state.

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